Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staying active

This is my 200th post. I can't believe it. I never imagined I would keep with this blogging thing, I guess I surprised myself a little. Anyways..... I have been trying to stay active with the kids. I was going to say stay busy with the kids. I don't think the word busy is the right word to describe my intentions. Today we have had a little break in the weather. The a/c is turned off for the first time in a week. It is nice to have outside air blowing across your face when your in the house. Yesterday the kids enjoyed Tot Time. It is a time for tots to come together and do a craft. It runs through the whole summer and occurs twice a week. Tuesday they made name cards. At the end of the craft they took turns saying their names and something about themselves. Of course Jude and Elise didn't say anything, they would stand up or say their names.

Today, after Avery woke up from her morning nap we went for a hike through the Gorge Metro Park. It is nice because it is within walking distance from our house. No need to fire up the ole gas guzzler minivan. It is nice that the metro park is so close to the house. It is a nice metro park other then the fact it smells like sewer. The metro park needs to do something about the smell. There's nothing like breathing in stink while trying to enjoy the woods. After the hike I loaded the kids up in the van and we headed off to Delilah's work. We made a stop at Subway to pick up some lunch then to her work to pick her up and then off to a park in Kent. It was a nice time together. The kids enjoyed being with mom a little during the afternoon. Now they are all taking naps/quiet time.

Well gotta run and take advantage of this time and get a few things done.

Computer memory.

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