Friday, June 06, 2008


It heated up as the day marched onward. The house with its windows and doors flung open was not able to stay cool as the day marched on. Something had to be done. What was the answer? The decision was made. It was time to dive deep into the van. The air condition was turned on while the errands were being run. The first scheduled stop was at the local library to return rented movies. The second scheduled stop was at Giant Eagle to pick up a prescription for little Avery. In an attempt to conserve the precious material we call gold, err gasoline, the windows were opened and engine was shut down while waiting at the drive up window. But to no avail, the prescription was not ready. It seemed they need the new health insurance card. The pharmacist said, "It will be ready in 20 minutes." Onward we travel to the third stop. To get the much needed water for the water cooler. At 25 cents a gallon, you can't beat the price for filtered, clean tasting water to drink on a hot day. Now it is time to head back to stop number two to pick up the prescription. Once again we pull up to the window. The van shuts down and the window's open. Success this time. Mission accomplished. On to stop number four. To the woods we go. As we travel down the road I try to remember which drive to use to enter the metro park. I use the wrong drive (again). Jude says that I am silly and need to get a map. I agree with him. After a little turn-around, we finally make it to the correct parking lot of the Summit County Metro Park's Oxbow Area. I told the kids we would go on a hike today. Silly daddy I thought as we got out of the van. I decided on the Oxbow Trail a 1.2 mile hike through the woods that followed the Cuyahoga River (Cuyahoga Falls River, according to Jude) for part of the way. I place Avery in the backpack for the first time. She didn't mind sitting in it at all. Very good sign. Jude, Elise, Avery and I started on the hike. As we were hiking a couple of thoughts ran through my brain. In no particular order.
  • I have been feeling pity for myself because of staying at home with the kids.
  • Oh crap, I forgot the diaper bag at home
  • I sure hope Avery doesn't need a diaper before we get home.
  • Who in their right mind says to kids, "Hey let's go hiking" when it is 3:00 pm, the hottest part of the day?
  • Oh no, I didn't bring a bottle for Avery, I sure hope she doesn't want her 4:00 bottle before we get home.
  • Seriously, who in the right mind wants to go on a 1.2 mile hike during the hot part of the day.
The children really enjoyed the hike. We skipped a few stones across the river at one point. Jude wanted to go into the river and get a pop can. Avery didn't need a diaper or bottle before getting home, whew. Jude and Elise both peeped in the woods. They seemed excited about that. Elise did a great job hiking. I was a little concerned because there is one area that has a bunch of steps to climb up, she did a great job. As I sit writing this Jude asks, "Dad, can we hiking again today?" I smartly reply we will have to see, it's suppose to be hot today. Whew.

Maybe next time I'll sit in the hammock chair instead of hiking.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I have forgotten that dumb diaper bag countless times. If I remember that oxbow trail is pretty shaded for most of the trail. I could be wrong, It has been three years.

Stephanie said...

Stick a diaper or two in the glove box, just in case.

Great story!