Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More about the J-O-B

I work for Control Systems Company. We make ignitors for power plants. My official title is: Sales Assistant and Shop Assistant. Yes, I have two jobs wrapped up into one. It's not bad though. I will enjoy the flexibility that come with the position and this seems to be a perfect fit for as I can get bored with doing routine jobs. This will allow anough variation in my schedule to keep me interested in what I am doing. When needed I will be working in the shop or when needed I will be working in the office, I have a feeling I will gain more responsibilities in the office then first inticipated. The first 3 days I have been doing just that. I have split my time pretty equally between the 2 areas. In the shop I have been milling flats on pieces of that are used on spark plugs. While in the office I have been learning about Peachtree and Gold Mine, two programs which are used extensively with our sales.
-More to follow later this week-

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