Thursday, May 11, 2006

Learning new things

So far at work I have used tools that I have never used or rarely used in the past. Most everything that we sell is fabricated in our shop (including most of the parts and pieces which are used in the fabrication process. Today I used an orbital welder. I've used a pipe cutter and put threads on the pipe. I have used the lathe to to cut off threads on screws. I used the drill press a lot last week to mill flats on a part. Yesterday I was volunteer to run the tow motor to get a fan down from the loft. Mind you this tow motor was borrowed from a shop three buildings down from ours. I have run a tow motor when I worked at a green house about 8 years ago. They must have thought since I had some experience running a tow motor a long time ago. It was tight where I was running the tow motor.
Needless to say I am really enjoying this job. I talked to my first customer yesterday. It wasn't to horrible. If I must say I think it went really well.
-More to come-

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Applehead said...

I am happy you are liking the new job. It sounds good so far.