Friday, May 19, 2006

Donations Accepted

This may be an odd post to everyone, but I figured what the heck it couldn't hurt. I have found a house that would be perfect for us, unfortunately it is a little out of our price range, ok a lot out of price range. You can view the house at If we bought this house I could definitely have a dog. So with out further ado donations will be accepted at my pay pal account

I'm hoping someone like Bill Gates will come across this blog and think, "oh they sound like good people let me give them .00001% of my net worth. ;-)

-Later All-

Oh yeah - I'm heading to WV with the kids this weekend. Should be fun.


Applehead said...

yeah nice house.very nice.

Applehead said...

Go to the bank and see what you can get for a house loan, and then offer that to them. If they laugh, they laugh.

Heather said...

Love the house--unfortunately i have nothing to give--but great house!!