Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seeing things

While at Akron General Hospital I was on some major strong drugs. I don't know what they were called or anything. All I really do remember is seeing things on the wall and trying to hand imaginary objects to people. I would be staring at the wall in my room and would see all kinds of objects and different colors. I remember seeing elephants, and other zoo animals. I would blink my eyes and I would see something new on the wall. Delilah said that I was trying to hand her things that weren't really there. She also said I kept on playing with the buttons on the hospital bed and kept on pushing the nurse button. Serves them right, I hope it bothered them to no end by me pushing the nurse button since they put me some crazy drugs.
I remember a nurse came into my room to draw some blood out of my right arm. She got the first vile or 2 ok, but it took her forever to draw the last one. She kept poking me in a new spot to try to get more blood. I was becomeing very frustrated with her.
My left arm always have an IV hooked up to it. My veins are still sore. Does anyone know if they will return back to normal? When I rub my right arm I do not feel any veins, but when I rub my left arm I can feel my veins and it actually hurts to touch them. Is this normal?
I have been trying to take it easy this week. Is it possible for a Miller to take is easy? I doubt it. I have been trying to help out as much as possible to keep/get the house back up to par. I've been mainly focusing on laundary. I fell asleep last night from 3-5:30 and Delilah actually yelled at me. (Because she wasn't feeling good and Elise was sick) She said if this was how it was going to be (meaning draining myself during the day) she would have taken this week off also. Oh the fun.
I don't think I'm meant to be a stay at home dad. I get side tracked doing other things and don't get the important things finished. I haven't worked since April 5th. It has been a total of 20 days since I worked. I won't work again until May 1st, 5 more days. I am looking forward to it.
In a previous post I had mentioned about the possibility of us moving to the Atlanta area. At this point it seems that transition will not happen. Which we are fine with. We always enjoy looking at the possibilities that come before us.
I must get going - if you read this and have a blog please post on your blog - you know who you are, I miss reading what's going on in your life. Don't be a blog abandoner.



Stephanie said...

Imagine, people intentionally take drugs that cause the side effects you describe!

Applehead said...

I have yet to meet a Miller who can take it easy. period. and now I sometimes can't take it easy either.

judeandelise said...

Nice....aren't some things sacred from the BLOG??? I don't tell people when you yell at me on MY blog. And I wouldn't really call it yelling. It was more like frustration. Thanks.

isunshine said...

It just so happens that I know all about hospitals and IV's and such. I'm guessing your arm should feel better sometime soon. Your veins are probably just shot. That stuff is rough on them. At one point, I had to have a veinogram (sp?) done and the only vein they could use was on the inside of my wrist...
I am really sooo glad you're feeling better. We'll have to swap hospital stories some time. I'm sure we'd both have som good stuff. :)