Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Equal Education for All

Hmm, where to begin. It's been a while since I last mentioned anything about good ole Lady.

During late summer of my 6th grade at Fredericksburg Elementary, Lady decided she wanted to go to school. Now she never followed me to school or anything like that. So, I'm not sure how she decided to come into the school building. Anyways, it was in the afternoon probably 1-2 hours before school let out. Lady had decided to come into the school building, the second grade classroom actually to cool off. Someone came up to my class to inform me that my dog was in the building. How they knew it was my dog is beyond me. I guess she was a very popular dog. Anyways, I walked down to the second grade classroom to get her back outside. She did not want to go back outside, she was enjoying her attention from all the students and the fresh water she had received to try and cool down.

She eventually went outside and everyone returned to what they were suppose to be doing while taking care of Lady.

-What a smart dog-

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