Monday, January 02, 2006

Back in the Groove

Today is the legal day for New Year's Day. So I am not required to work today. Unfortunately Delilah has to. That is OK though, today has given me the chance to easily slide back into the groove of things. My day as been primarily spent doing laundry. How many loads of laundry can a family of 4 possibly have? Well, let me tell you. About 10. It seems crazy doesn't it? Ten loads of laundry seems like a lot and I'm not even sure where all the clothes come from. During a normal week of doing laundry we usually have about 7-8 loads to do. From some reason this last week we seemed to have an extra ordinary amount of clothes to wash. Moving forward. I was in our bedroom this morning and wanted to make sure I got all of Jude's sippy cups. (He usually wonders into our room at about 5:40 am and crawls in bed with us.) I got to looking under the bed and I found 5 sippy cups. I couldn't tell you how old they were. They were old. Put it this way, the ole gag reflex was in full force after I opened the first cup to rinse it out. I am surprised I didn't hurl into the kitchen sink. The milk in the sippy cup was a pasty gooey substance. It no longer smelled or looked like milk. It kind of reminded me of very thick yogurt. Yummy.
Anyways. Enough about cleaning and doing laundry. It is the new year, a time to look forward to the future and it's possibilities and a time to look to the past to learn from our mistakes. Hopefully everyone has a great New Year.
Good day.


judeandelise said...

See, I told you he is a good husband.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was thinking of having yogurt for breakfast but I think I've changed my mind - maybe some other day!!!

Love ya

Kelly said...

Whenever I find an old sippy cup with something still in it I throw it in the trash. I don't dare open it. It's worth buying a new one than to see what's inside.

Justiene said...

So have you made a New Years resolution yet? and what is it?