Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The River

Have you ever sat and watched a river? I mean, just sat and watched the river, the intricacies of it, the ebb and flow of the river. I love watching the water flow past me as I sit on the river bank. I become mesmerized with the water. I often find that it is interesting to look beyond the water surface; to look at the rocks beneath the surface, the trees dipping their branches into the water, logs upstream from the spot you are perched at. Each item causes the river to have a swirl here, bubbles to form their, a ripple over there, or a rapid near by. No matter the object that is placed in the water there is a cause and an effect to it. No matter the effect though, the water must continue to flow. If it were to stop flowing it would no longer be a river.

My life is a river. It continues to flow regardless of the objects that are placed in it. If my life were to quit flowing, well, that wouldn't be good, now would it? Life is a river, it must continue flowing. Sometimes it can be turbulent like the white water rapids of the Arkansas River in Colorado or times and can be easy flowing like the might Mississippi River or any where in between. Regardless of the phase your life river is in, go with it and learn from it and take it with you into the future.

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