Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ohio Primary March 4th, 2008

I will not be voting for a republican candidate during this primary. Ohio is one of a few states that allow you vote for which ever party you would like to vote for. Now I understand why I am registered as a democrat. During the last primaries I voted for a democrat instead of George W. Bush. The reason you ask? Well, Bush had the nomination all wrapped up. Instead of voting for a party that already but decided candidate that would be nominated I decided I would use my vote to vote for the candidate from the opposite party I would want to be president. I urge a all republicans to take this approach during the March 4th primary. I believe as a republican you have to look at the next best candidate for the presidency. Make your vote really count during the Ohio Primary. McCain has wrapped up the nomination for the Republican Party. Now you must sit back and look at the democratic candidates and decide who would make the best candidate for presidency. Clinton or Obama? What is your choice. During this process you don't want to vote for the individual you think your candidate can beat. You must vote for the best possible candidate. Come fall, you will have the best two candidates running for the presidency. Boy, I sure hope all this makes sense. Bottom line is this...... I will not be voting republican during the Ohio Primary. Not necessarily because I don't like McCain but because during the presidential election I want what I feel is the best candidate from both parties to be running for the presidency. This way, I feel like my vote actually counts for something. Peace.

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Stephanie said...

Personally I want to vote "none of the above"