Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last Sunday our church showed a video clip of a comedian. (I can't think of the comedian's name right now). Anyway he was talking about flying and it was very funny what he was saying. Watching the clip got me to thinking about flying and since I flew this week I was REALLY thinking about flying. By the way my flight this morning was canceled due to snow and rain. So I decided to leave a little early for the my flight this afternoon and took the Jeep Commander out for a little spin. It was great. I was going through standing water and snow like it was nothing. Oh the joys of renting a vehicle. Next time I should probably check out some online auto insurance before trying something like that again. Anyways...... back to my flying. Why is when the plane "lands" they say the plane is landing? The plane doesn't land, it is crashing. It is a controlled crash none the less. I wish they would just be honest with the passengers. "There is your pilot speaking, we have been cleared to crash......... please make sure your belongings are properly stowed and all electronics are turned off and stowed away....... thank you again for flying Miller Airlines" let's just call it what it is. It is a CRASH people. End of story.

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