Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about ME

Well, I decided to join in with the fun of Thursday Thirteen. For my first Thursday Thirteen I have decided to list my thirteen favorite bands/groups in no particular order.

  1. U2
  2. DMB (Dave Matthew's Band)
  3. Toby Mac
  4. The Flaming Lips
  5. Grits
  6. Third Day
  7. Plumb
  8. Fatboy Slim
  9. Moby
  10. Simon & Garfunkel
  11. James Taylor
  12. Beastie Boys
  13. Kenny Chesney - because she thinks my tractor is sexy

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Sanni said...

Hooray for U2 - one of my fave´s since... mmmh, I guess 1987?!

Please visit my TT #8 - Thanks a lot =)

Caylynn said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. :) Great group of bands - quite an eclectic mix of music!

Happy T13. :)

Barbara said...

Yes, it is an eclectic mix of music. Great list. Welcome to TT.

Raggedy said...

good list
Welcome to Thursday Thirteen
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

JohnH985 said...

I love U2. Great list.

My 13 are up.