Friday, January 05, 2007


If you haven't noticed I am a man of few words. This is not only present while trying to blog but also while communicating with my lovely wife. On a recent trip home from TN I hadn't said a whole lot to her. She brought this up while we going through Columbus. After she said this I tried to start some kind of conversation with her but nothing really panned out. I know what your thinking. How can be you married for five years and not communicate well with your wife? I don't have a simple answer for your question. I tend to internalize many of my thoughts and do not have an easy time of putting my thoughts into words that correspond with what my thoughts are and also make sense all at the same time. Does this make sense? I sure hope so.

While at work today, my great boss told me I should go on the Fish website. He said that they had a list of questions to ask your spouse. You probably think it being a little corny to do, but it was actually fun. It took us about an hour and half to go through the list but yet it was still fun. Here is the list.

15 crucial questions you should ask your spouse

1. When I turn on the TV, which channel do I usually turn on first?
2. Which of our dates was my favorite?
3. Was I named after anyone? If so, who?
4. What is my biggest fear?
5. Ketchup: on my fries or next to them?
6. Who in my family do I feel closest to?
7. What's my favorite band of all time?
8. What's my biggest pet peeve?
9. Do I shower facing the showerhead or with my back to it?
10. What is my dream job?
11. In what kind of car did I learn to drive?
12. Was I on any sports team or in any clubs while growing up? Which ones?
13. What's my favorite day of the year?
14. What would I do with a million dollars?
15. What do I love most about you?

This is another fun thing.

7 questions about your marriage

A sociologist from The University of Illinois found if you can answer yes to these 7 questions that your marriage has a 99% probability of lasting forever…
  1. Did you both grow up in small towns rather than large urban areas?
  2. Do both of you get along with and like your parents?
  3. Do you not move often (from town to town)?
  4. Was the woman in the relationship employed before the relationship?
  5. Is the woman at least 1 year older than the man?
  6. Were you married in the church or by a religious person?
  7. Neither of you is an only child.

Peace out.


Stephanie said...

I guess Tim & I we will be together forever! :) I really didn't have any doubts!

Heather said...

According to this Mike is stuck with me! LOL!