Monday, November 20, 2006

The BCS is flawed

Yes, the BCS is flawed. It should not determine who plays in the national championship. Lets take a look at the top 15 in the BCS standings as of November 20, 2006.
  1. Ohio State (12-0)
  2. Michigan (11-1) - lost to Ohio State who is 12-0
  3. USC (9-1) - lost to Oregon State who is currently 7-4
  4. Florida (10-1) - lost to Auburn who is 10-2
  5. Notre Dame (10-1) - lost to Michigan who is 11-1
  6. Arkansas (10-1) - lost to USC who is 9-1
  7. West Virginia (9-1) - lost to Louisville who is 9-1
  8. Wisconsin (11-1) - lost to Michigan who is 11-1
  9. Louisville (9-1) - lost to Rutgers who is 9-1
  10. LSU (9-2) - lost to Auburn who is 10-2 and Florida who is 10-1
  11. Boise State (11-0) - Boise who?
  12. Auburn (10-2) - lost to Arkansas who is 10-1 and Georgia who is 7-4
  13. Texas (9-2) -lost to Ohio State who is 12-0 and Kansas State who is 7-5
  14. Rutgers (9-1) - lost to Cincinnati who is 6-5
  15. Oklahoma (9-2) - lost to Oregon who is 7-4 and Texas who is 9-2
There are other factors that figure into BCS standing such as strength of schedule, the Harris Poll, USA Today Poll and the AP Poll.

There are a couple of key games left to play that will help sort some of it out or possibly make it a little more confusing.
  1. Ohio State is packing their bags for Arizona
  2. Michigan is in a holding pattern to find out where they are heading
  3. USC still has Notre Dame (10-1) and UCLA (6-5) to go through
  4. Florida still has Florida State (6-5)
  5. Notre Dame has USC (9-1)
  6. Arkansas still has LSU (9-2)
  7. West Virginia still has South Florida (7-4) and Rutgers (9-1)
  8. Wisconsin is waiting to see what bowl they will be playing
  9. Louisville still has Pittsburg (6-5) and Connecticut (4-6)
  10. LSU still has Arkansas (10-1)
  11. Boise State still has Nevada (8-3)
  12. Auburn is waiting for the BCS to sort itself out
  13. Texas still has Texas A&M (8-3)
  14. Rutgers still has Syracuse (4 -7) and West Virginia (9-1)
  15. Oklahoma still has Oklahoma State (6-5)
Some of the teams still have to play a conference championship game. At this point not one teams deserves to play in the championship game with Ohio State over the next team. Because of who they lost to or who they lost and who that team lost to. For example: WV lost to Louisville who lost to Rutger who lost to Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a 6-5 team. Notre Dame lost to Michigan do they deserve to play in the Championship game if they beat USC? Likewise, I don't think that Michigan should play Ohio State again (even though I am a Michigan fan) because the best Michigan would do is end up being co-champions with Ohio State if they should beat them. There are many variable with the BCS system.

I think the best system to use would be like this. There should be a 4 team playoff. The top 4 BSC teams would play in 2 bowl games. If they win the first game, they get to play in the championship game, if they lose the first game they get to play for third place in the second game. The way the BCS is now, Ohio State definitely deserves to play for the championship, the question (at this point) who should Ohio State play? Michigan? USC? Florida? Notre Dame? This picture will hopefully clear itself during the next 2-3 weeks.

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