Friday, February 24, 2006


Many of you are probably aware that I am the leader (with Delilah) of the college age group at our church. I am enjoying it. I have the challenge of bringing a challenging lesson each Sunday to the class. It is a big challenge to do this. My desire is to have a relevant but challenging message to bring to them. Here in lies the problem with the situation. We have subscribed to a program that sends out a box of stuff geared to this age group once every two months. Unfortunately they send these great books. I want to use these books for class, but it takes much time to go through a chapter and condense it down to one lesson for a Sunday.
As I am writing this post, I realize I must take a book and use it for Sunday morning class. No excuses.


Oh the book is Redefining Life: My Purpose

Miller Out-

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful "road" in life you have chosen. I'm so very proud of you and Delilah.

There's no doubt you will have an exciting lesson ready by Sunday!

Aunt D.