Monday, February 20, 2006

Elise, Jude and the temper

I took Elise to the doctor today, she had a cough for most of this weekend. The doctor said she is fine and we just need to monitor her cough. She was really good at the doctor's office. She has been a great baby. A complete opposite of Jude when he was this age. She sleeps through the night in her crib. Jude still doesn't sleep through the night and when he wakes up he comes to our bed. Not fun. But I must say he his getting a little better. He has gone back to his room after an hour or so cuddling with mommy and daddy.
Jude is developing a bad temper. He is developing a temper like I have had. Saturday Delilah and Justiene left to go somewhere. Jude through the biggest fit I have seen him have. He through his sippy cup at the front door, he then picked it up and with sippy cup in his hand was hitting the door with his sippy cup. I picked Jude up and carried him into his bedroom. He was screaming the whole time. When I got him to his room he threw his sippy cup again. I told him, "You pick up your sippy cup right NOW" amazingly he did pick up his sippy cup and came over to me, he actually started to calm himself down. He knew I was serious and wasn't going to take anymore from him. After that point he was pretty good for the rest of the evening.
Oh the joys of parenting.


Stephanie said...

And the "joys" have only begun! Just when you figure out one thing there is a whole new adventure!

Anonymous said...

hey jake this is jordan if you remember me well just thought i woyld say hi