Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's been a while

Yes, it has been a while since my last post. I haven't kept up on my blog like I wanted to, I guess sometimes things get in the way. I still am planning to write more about the church and etc. I do have a new job. It is working at Control Systems Company. I will be the administrative assistant for the National Project Manager which also happens to be the head of sales for the company. I am suppose to start the First of April. I wish I would be able to start sooner like the first of March sounds good to me. On February 10 I will be heading to two power plants. One is on the Muskingum River close to WV border, and the other is in Cochoton (sp?) We will be leaving at 5 in the morning. Oh my, I haven't been up that early since, well, I'm not sure when I was last up that early. I am really excited about this new opportunity.
I have or might have the opportunity to move to the Atlanta area. It all depends on the National Project Manager. CSC has given him a tremendous opportunity. If it happens we will probably make the move sometime around April of 2007. Please pray that the right decision is made. We won't know until August this year what decision has been made. We have put off looking for houses around here until August. Other than that I don't think there is really anything else to write about. I will probably post Friday night or Saturday morning to share my experiences regarding the power plant trip.


Applehead said...

sounds exciting... Being a janitor(custodian) is running thought the family now. I think eric has a good chance to work at eht Federal building in downtown Huntington. I 've Driven through Atlanta a couple times and it seems to mee a huge sity. But it sounds good. The thought of you guys living down there for a while is wierd but Sounds good.

judeandelise said...

We wouldn't be living in the city...but a suburb. And I thought the Atlanta thing is kind of a secret???? I guess not.

Papaw said...

Congrats! I'm very happy for you! I only wish the grand kids could live on the 100 acres with us
(just kidding; we want all of you here). You can build a cabin here and spend all of your weekends here and the kids can stay here all of the time. You would see them on the weekends, but have babysitting all week.

Stephanie said...

Wow! Great news! How exciting and a bit sad. Well maybe it is best we keep Kellen and Jude seperate! :)

Anonymous said...

I assume your trip is part of the new job you're not starting until April 1? How does that work out?
Aunt Nancy