Monday, December 26, 2005


I am in the process of updating my resume. I know it's a great thing to do a day after Christmas, but it something I must do to get a better job for my family and our circumstances. It is hard to be working opposite shifts. For the time it is something we must do to have enough, (sometimes not enough) money to pay the bills. I have at least one job lead and this it the reason I am working on my resume. I told my friend I would make some changes to it and get it to him. Hopefully all will work out. It sounds like a great job and could have potential. There is nothing I like least then working at a job that had no potential for advancement. That is where I am at currently. I have to have some type of potential with my position or I tend to get bored with it. I hope this all making sense. I feel like I am rambling here. Have a great day.

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