Thursday, December 29, 2005

It all began this day 4 years ago

It didn't actually begin this day 4 years ago but my new life with my lovely bride started 4 years ago. You see we were married December 29th, 2001. Let's take a little stroll down memory lane. It actually all began during my first day of work at Safe Landing in April of 2001. I was sitting in Joe's office doing some going through some training and in walks Delilah. She asked Joe if there were anymore positions open (she had a friend she wanted to work at Safe Landing) Joe answered "no I hired everyone I need" Delilah told Joe to fire me. So it began. I sensed a little flirtation going on and thus the challenged started. The next several months I began talking to her to and actuallay asked her out three times. Each time she turned me down with a lame excuse or another. One excuse was that she had to go home and clean her apartment because her parents were coming to visit. Cleaning consisted of putting the dirty dished UNDER the sink. Another time I asked her out and she said that she had to go home and clean up because she was having some friends over for a bachlorette party. During a missions trip to Alaska in July of 2001 I had decided I was not going to ask her out again. I had a a rule of three strikes and I'm out. Well, Delilah apparently had other things on her mind. She had told her family and several friends that she was going to marry me. WOW. After returning from the trip I had to work the overnight shift at Safe Landing. Delilah conveniently offered to call and remind me about my upcoming shift. We did not talk much because she woke me up when she called (and I am not a morning person). She also conveniently picked up an overnight shift at the girls Safe Landing at the same time I was working the over night shift at the boys Safe Landing. She proceeded to call me during our work shift and we talked and talked and talked. More than I thought it was possible to talk. I asked her out on our first date (to the Chapel, a church in Akron). As they say, the rest was history.
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The Wife said...

I was NOT flirting the first day...I was just being me. Jake was way to young for me. I had already checked out his "stats" when interviewed for the job. Secondly, my excuses were not lame. Also, I did not call him to remind him of his upcoming shift but to ask him if he wanted me to work it. He had just returned from a trip where he was stuck on a mountain and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. I was just doing what the boss told me to do. And, lastly, I often worked had nothing to do with Jake. I did call the boys shelter but I didn't know Jake was working. It was innocent. Oh, and I didn't say I was going to marry him until I had agreed to go on a real date with him. Then I knew...before that I had told my family and friends I was going to go out with him. Isn't it all funny. Either we are...and now you know.

xo- delilah

Anonymous said...

I think it must actually be a combination of the 2 stories - but anyway - congrats - you guys have come a long way!!!!


Anonymous said...

She's making excuses, she wanted to see you! I have to ask, was there ever a time after you got married that you thought, "what did I do? I barely know this woman?" It is an unusual story to get married after dating such a short time. Would you do it all over again? Would you say no knowing your whole family reads this thing?

judeandelise said...

Well, I don't know if Jake will answer that but I will...Yes, we both thought we had made a big mistake at times. But, we got pregnant with Jude and found out when we were only married for 2 months, so we made it work. Also, I don't think our first year of marriage was any different than anyones first year. Getting married is a HUGE change. Either way, I can't speak for Jake but I'd do it all over again. As for being honest even if he family is reading...Let me tell you, NOTHING is sacred when it comes to his family. They know everything. Too Much. ha ha ha.