Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunday Adventures

Our family has unofficially declared Sunday's as our Geocaching day. If you haven't heard about Geocaching you will have to check out this website, Today we had Brian over for lunch and Heather and Ivan joined us a couple of hours later. We decided to go caching down on the Riverfront and then over to a cemetary to find a few more caches. Geocaching has become an easy way for the family to do an activity outside. It gives us a reason to be outside and to relax a little, if it's possible to relax when you can't find a cache. We have been caching for about 4 years but took 2 years off and didn't Geocache at all. Geocaching is a great way to visit places you wouldn't normally visit. I hope you check it out.

I started writing this on Sunday, July 19; it is now Friday, July 24. I was planning to write more but have since forgotten what all I was going to write about. Bummer.

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