Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery girl

It's hard to believe that my Avery girl turns 2 today. She has grown up so fast. I often describe her with one word, "rotten". She is a rotten little girl. She gets this look in her eyes and you know right away that she is up to no good, or has planning to do something that she knows that she shouldn't do. She is her own girl. She is not afraid to join in the mix when Jude and I are wrestling around. Avery is a shoe and purse girl. And she loves her baby dolls. You will find her putting on Delilah's shoes just about every day. Even though she loves her shoes and purses she also loves sports. When Jude and Elise were playing soccer, she wanted to go and kick the ball with her. We bought her a little soccer ball to kick around so she would leave Jude's and Elise's alone. Just recently, Jude went to and Upward's basketball camp, he got a basketball for going, Avery has confiscated the basketball since then. Like I said, she is rotten. Happy Birthday Avery girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Avery, girl. Can't believe you are two already.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Avery. I love you.

Aunt D.

BluePixo said...

Kids nowadays really do grow up fast.

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