Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post Election Observations

I have noticed a few things about this election that was held this year. I think the Democratic party and the Obama faithful did a great job of organizing and pursing a grassroots based push towards the election. In our neighborhood, Obama faithful went door to door on one occasion and possibly two occasions. I never saw the McCain faithful go door to door. Obama trounced on the Midwest, it was a very impressive showing for him considering the Midwest is considered the heartbeat of the United States and often considered to be the backbone of the Republican party. The overall feeling I have about the election of Obama is that people view has the person that will save the country. I think that view should be taken cautiously. I believe Obama will do a good job as President, but I also realize that President only has so much power. The President is only one part of the federal government the other being the judicial and legislative branches. The Democratic elected officials sure better work together to accomplish issues because there will be no one else to blame but themselves considering they have a Democrat as the President and control of both the House and Senate.

There have been some mix result with this year's election. For example: Californians approved an amendment that defined marriage as the union of one man an one woman; Florida and Arizona approved gay marriage bans; Arkansas approved a measure that restricts unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents; Colorado defeated a measure stating that life began at conception; South Dakota defeated a measure that would have banned abortions except in the case of rape, incest, and serious health threat to the mother; Washington approved physician-assisted suicide; Nebraska approved a ban on race - and - gender - based affirmative action; and San Francisco said you can arrest prostitutes.

I think the conservative ideal lives on in America as is apparent by the various outcomes of different measures across the nation. We may not all agree on the different ways to solve the issues that confront the United States but we must all respect the position of the President of the United States and work together to solve the issues.
I guess I'll keep looking for Ferrari parts in the mean time.

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

You can't argue with that. I will to give big O a chance, I agree there will be a lot of things he said he would do that he just can't right now because of the economy. I'll wait and see.