Monday, November 24, 2008

The J-O-B hunt continues

I am still job hunting. The job I thought I had lined up seems to be in limbo. Which is frustrating in itself, I guess that is the nature of this beast which we call a bad economy. So I am back in the hunt. I had an interview today for a position that teaches clients (kids that are aging out of children services) independent living skills. I am really exited about the possibility of this position. This a new program for the organization and the possibilities are endless for what the program could grow into. I probably won't hear back until later next week. There were still several interviews to go.
I have signed on to drive a snow plow truck this winter season. I will be working for a family that attends our church and am excited about making a little extra cash. It will be early morning hours, but I think it will work out most of the time, so long that I don't become to much of a grump to those around me, like Delilah.
I am five assignments from having my associates degree. One of the assignments is to write a five to six page paper on the differences/similarities in the doctrines of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. It has proven to interesting thus far in the process. I just started doing some research and am about a page into the paper.
So, things are slowly moving along for us in the family.

More to come later after I look up Ju Ju Be.