Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ball Aerobics

Today Delilah and I went to work out at the local Y, we (she) decided on ball aerobics for us to partake in together for this session of classes. I had no idea what this class was about. I was nervous to say the least. So we walked into the class together and I am the only guy. There are like 6 of us all together, I am kind of glad it is smaller class. Less people to embarrass myself in front of. I was always a step behind the instructor. About 5 minutes into the class I looked over to Delilah and told her "You owe me." I'm thinking about picking out the next series of our class. How does power lifting sound? I think I am going to enjoy this class, I didn't know how out of shape I really was. I already knew I was not flexible and this class proved it to me even more. I guess you have to work hard to get back into shape.


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