Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Week in Review

It has been an interesting week and a quick one at that. Avery is doing well. She is getting into a good schedule and sleeping good at night. Not that her night schedule effects me to much since I can't feed her. I'm not quite equipped for that, thank goodness. Delilah and I had some intense fellowship earlier this week, I could just blame it on her hormones being whacked out, but that wouldn't be very accurate it was more me than anything else. Yesterday was Avery's one week check up afterwords we stopped by my work to show her off to everyone, when we got there everyone was at a retirement party so we just went their and showed her off. She slept through the whole lunch it was great.
If you read Delilah's blog you already know that I'm planning on heading into the office. At this point I plan on working half days. Work said I could have two weeks off but I want to get back into it so I'm not completely out of the loop.
Other than that everything is going well for the first week of Avery's life.

-Fly on.