Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Delilah and I decided that it was time to do some room switching. The plan was to have Jude and Elise spend the week at Mamaw's and Papaw's and we would do all the painting and re-arranging of rooms at that time. Well, Elise decided that she did not want to stay in WV. We had Elise and Jude sharing a bedroom, the larger of the 2 kids rooms. Avery was in her own room. It was painted 2 shades of pink as you can tell from the pictures below. We decided that Elise and Avery would share Jude and Elise's old room and Jude would move into Avery's old room. We managed to get most everything done before Jude returned from his week away. There was a lot, a lot of painting involved. Jude's new room required 2 coats of primer on the walls a coat of the final color. I did not paint his ceiling because it didn't seem like it needed to be painted. After painting Jude's walls I realized that there was a pink tint in the ceiling paint. I just thought the ceiling was reflecting the bright pink off of the walls. When I paint the hallway and living room ceilings I will also paint Jude's ceiling. Well, below you can see the below pictures of Jude's new room. I will post an after picture tomorrow (maybe).

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